Juliana Barnet


Juliana Barnet, author (with her young daughter Sophie) of the “social justice mystery” Rainwood House Sings, is a writer and cultural organizer who… [Read More]


smashwords coverRAINWOOD HOUSE SINGS, a “social justice mystery” for youth and adults, paints a truthful (and mildly magical) picture of activists tackling mysteries with creativity, humor and collective action. [Read More]

RAINWOOD HOUSE BURNS, BOOK 2 of the Rainwood House Social Justice Mystery Series, is in process.


zombie book COVER ZOMBIE ELEMENTARY, a unique COLLECTIVE NOVEL, written and illustrated by thirty third graders at Thomas Stone Elementary School in Mt. Rainier, MD.

Zombies interested in learning come to Samantha’s school, but while some are willing to study like the human scholars, others decide to take a shortcut and get smart by consuming the brains of humans at the school. Samantha and her friends, and the other humans must overcome prejudices and fears to work with the “learning zombies,” who must battle their own mistrust of the humans, so that together they can tackle  the growing plague of brain-eating zombies threatening to destroy their school.

To read about the fun and fascinating process of making this book, click HERE.

To request a talk or workshop on collective novel-writing with children, click HERE.

SCauldron of stories for writing fiction about activists and activismtories Of Our People (SOOP) is a project to collect experiences of activists as authentic, organic ingredients for fiction focused on the lives, times, issues and adventures of social justice activists… [Read More]

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