Portraits of Artists in the Gateway Arts District

Juliana Barnet, author and illustrator (with her young daughter Sophie) of the “social justice mystery” Rainwood House Sings, is a writer and cultural organizer who has taught literature, writing and creative expression to adults, youth, and children, at “people’s schools” (escuelas populares) and neighborhood organizations in Mexico City and at Washington, DC area organizations including the Great Labor Arts Exchange, Occupy DC, Camp Solidarity, and others. She has helped start several community-based cultural organizations focused on young people, including Asociacion Cultural de Ayuda a la Comunidad, Actively Building Community, and Rap ‘n Act, and has worked with many local schools, nonprofits and community organizations.

Her work is now focused on raising awareness of activist culture–life and times of folks around the world who work for social justice–through an initiative entitled Life in the Liberated Zone. Her novel Rainwood House Sings is the first in the effort to write and encourage others to write fiction that challenges stereotypes and opens windows into the fascinating, inspiring, compelling, sometimes harrowing and often funny and delightful lives and times of activists.





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