Rainwood House Sings

Rainwood House Sings cover

RAINWOOD HOUSE, lightly haunted by civil rights struggles, rampant houseplants and musical plumbing, is home to University of Maryland groundskeeper Marlie Mendíval and her book and bat-loving granddaughter Samantha. Marlie rents a room to Demetrius, an affable radical horticulturist, unaware that prior to knocking on her front door Demetrius has been hiding from the police in her basement.

MARLIE battles mounting bills, bellowing pipes, a lecherous boss, her ex’s scheme to evict her from Rainwood House, isolation, decay and self-doubt, as Samantha becomes embroiled in playground culture wars. Demetrius wanders through Rainwood House’s shuttered rooms pondering how to beat accusations of cop-shooting and terrorism while remaining incognito under Samantha’s friendly but sharp-eyed gaze. Increasingly entangled in each others’ lives, the characters join glamorous union shop steward Laranda Moss and a lively crew of supporters to launch, in the words of Labor Notes editor Jane Slaughter, “a cascade of idyllic solutions to very real-world problems,” including a friendship club, a people’s history museum and a present-day Underground Railroad stop.

RAINWOOD HOUSE SINGS, a “social justice mystery” for youth and adults, paints a truthful yet mildly magical picture of activists tackling mysteries with creativity, humor and collective action.

For more info and to purchase the print book and ebook versions, visit www.RainwoodHouse.com.


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