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Many of you have read or are reading Rainwood House Sings, book 1 of the Rainwood House social justice mystery series. What do you want to see in Book 2?

  • How would you extricate the characters from their fixes?
  • What should they do next?
  • Share your experiences of sheltering persecuted activists, organizing to stop abuse of workers, kids figuring out friendship issues, youth community gardens, occupying abandoned buildings, haunted historical houses, musical plumbing or other topics in the story.
  • Contribute illustrations or illustration ideas!
  • Suggest why and how Rainwood House burns (please, not all the way down!)
  • Authentic, specific details especially welcome!

Leave your ideas in the “leave a reply” section below or write to:

And if you haven’t yet read Rainwood House Sings, BUY THE PRINT BOOK HERE. Or the EBOOK HERE.


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